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Fun during difficult times

As others would say, “sometimes you face difficulties not because you are doing something wrong, but because you are doing something right.”

Yes, we agree to that. As we started our RxBox journey, from Day 1 of our Onboarding training to the deployment and return demonstration of the 10 RHU beneficiaries, a lot of challenges are on its way. In our planning stage, we had discussions of the schedules, setting up the timelines as we are nearly ending the year 2021 and we need to deploy all the devices, coordinating with the LGUs and RHUs, and of course the most unforgettable challenge that we faced was mediating the conflict among the RHU personnel that happened on our first RHU visit but thankfully we were able to pacify them.

We had a lot on our plate but surely, we managed to put grace under pressure and most importantly we had fun! Also, visiting new places and meeting new people are one of the perks of this project. You can witness the rendered services and interaction to their patients and observe what are the things that they need in terms of healthcare. And through this RxBox project, we could say that we had done a great job by providing them this device that is very essential to them, especially this time of Pandemic.

Truly, the difficulties we encountered gave us stronger motivation and inspiration to do more for them.  And the good news is, we are excited for Batch 2!

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